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Product: Stanol
Manufacturer: Body Research
Quantity: 5 mg/tablet
Pack: 200 tablets

Steroid cycle: cutting, bulking

Active substance: Stanozolol



STANOL BODY analysis (5 MG/TAB) two hundred TABS

It is one among the most effective notable anabolic steroids and androgenic used. it’s additionally known under the name Azolol.

Today it’s clear that, at the side of testosterone, nandrolone, methandrostenolone, stanozolol has played a very vital role within the development of the globe of workout.

In the 80s of last century, stanozolol has become therefore in style that it began to be used not solely in workout, however additionally in several alternative sports, boxing, wrestling, …

The appearance of stanozolol will be derived to the middle 50-s of the last century. it had been then that synthesized. at first it utilizava in veterinary medicine.
In the mid-70s in germany he saw the sunshine drug “Winthrop” on the idea of stanozolol, that quickly gained popularity throughout Europe.
This led to the actual fact that within the late eighty – IES dramatically increased the amount of athletes within the blood, that is the substance stanozolol was found during a doping check.

Time intended for oral administration (tablets), however also rare within the type of injections.

The noted German bodybuilder Markus Ruhl in his speech same that the appointment of the drug in injectable kind is preferable and effective than oral.
The substance stanozolol, thanks to its composition, could be a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, however acts on the body significantly softer.
According to usually accepted international classification refers to sex hormone medicine.

Compared with an equivalent digidrostestosteronol, that has a bigger androgenic impact within the body, stanozolol provides a smooth and gradual accumulation of intense muscular athlete.

Their anabolic effectiveness will be compared with Dianobol, however, unlike the drug, stanol not retain water within the body.


The dose depends totally on the physiological characteristics of the athlete and his experiences training. On average, they quantity to no quite thirty mg per day beginners; – For fans of 30-59 mg per day; skilled dosage is fifty to a hundred mg per day.

The drug has no contraindications regarding the admission of women. For them, the common best dose is ten to twenty five mg per day.


The holder of a professional card, U.S.A. champion within the heavyweight class, Jay Cutler, recommended taking the drug for 4-6 weeks. per him, throughout the course of this it coincides with the course of taking alternative drugs, and thus is that the most best and efficient. Moreover, Jay says that the speed of admission to the drug can be added to other steroids, like nandrolone.

At the expiration of the approval of the post-cycle medical aid to boost outcomes of training, preparation reception will be repeated throughout the same 4-6 weeks.


Scientific studies have confirmed that within the case of receiving a very large doses, the drug results in a toxic impact on the human liver. additionally, there could also be an absence of hair growth in ladies discharge failures.

The drug is contraindicated, ie, it’s not recommended for athletes who have issues with the cardiovascular system, liver, kidney, affected by diabetes in numerous degrees.


The world-famous muscle builder, winner of eight time the title. additionally, Ronnie, sharing his impressions regarding the drug, there was a reduction within the time of recovery after hard training.

However, it additionally mentions that the drug is doping, which may complicate the method of doping management in athletes taking part in within the skilled league.
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