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Snowcap / Oz Another West Coast strain that has developed quite a legacy for itself, Snowcap is a potent Sativa with a nice lemony scent with a hint of menthol. The effects are decidedly cerebral and should trigger creativity, happiness, and a case of giggles. Believed to be a hybrid of Humbolt Snow and an unknown Haze, the poorly documented genetic history leaves some mystery surrounding Snowcap. One thing consumers will agree on is the all-around flavor and potency of this robust strain. A cerebral but relaxing Sativa that seems to have Haze traits in its growth pattern and flavor/smell.  Many have speculated that it contains either Jack Herer or Sensi Seeds NL#5/Haze genetics due to the similarity in structure, Snowcap / Oz, aroma, and flavor.


Unknown, possible Haze lineage


Citrus-heavy with interesting spice notes… definitely brings to mind Jack Herer and NL/Haze.


Much like the smell, a combination of citrus and spice, often with a minty quality — expansive, but not overly so.


A rush of pressure to the head and eyes starts things off, but that initial hit of potency recedes fairly quickly into a motivated yet relaxed state.  Creativity, sociability, and mild euphoria are common with this one — a great uplifting Sativa experience that carries some body relaxation qualities as well without being rushy or anxiety-causing.

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