Blue Dream Earwax


Blue Dream earwax

Blue Dream earwax is an AAA high shelf earwax

Dry enough to select up, will still dab it.

Super light yellow color.

STRONG blue dream smell and taste!!

Only use vector butane and indoor tiny buds

purge four times!! NO CRACKLE Melts good.

Product facts

Strain Used: Blue Dream

Extraction Solvent: gas

Sativa/Indica: Sativa

Appearance: clear shards of gold, orange, and amber – dry and brittle like glass.

Aroma / Flavor: Floral and fruity, ranging from dried apples to wild berries. The aroma transitions to flavor superbly.

Overall Effects: whereas most concentrates found within the clinic are geared towards those that want strong indica drugs, this Blue Dream Glass is refreshfully light and rising (While still packing serious potency). the delicate floral and fruity smoke is extraordinarily sleek and flavourful with very little lung enlargement. great for morning or day time use, the high is refreshing and cleanses the mind of unwanted clutter permitting one to specialise in the task at hand with very little distraction.

Sativa hybrid. Blue Dream may be a great daytime concentrate.
THC: 71.10 CBD: 1.00

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